rebirth manifesto: my commitment to myself

something akin to rebirth has occurred

the adhesion bleeding and scarring for  years and years


and now a place inside for new life to begin

I have been reborn

and  here I see I am budding from true acceptance

having the most fun

enjoying all that beckons my heart of hearts

fully alive and willing to push

push and rest

fully accepted

fully healed

what cannot but grow here?

spacious and fertile

what cannot but arise?

in my head- songs echo from ear to ear

expecting to be sung and heard

awaiting actualization

in my body- potential energy

to fly

to press

to lift

to swim

to dance the freest dance

to own all aspects of my sex

to flow like water


vision finding her way to the surface

storytelling on screens and stages

characters breathing with truth and bravery

soul animation follows deep work


rising out of experience

pouring forth from my deepest learning

opening wisdom to all who witness

impartation of healed living

free living

brave living


sweet and romantic

passionate and honest

finding its way out of me through me and to me


devoted and simple

blowing the lid on what I thought possible

yes, comprehensive possibility here, yes

held and holding

brightest and highest


clarity of purpose and intention

because it is mine to declare

the story flowing from the waters of my most authentic


authentic authenticity

authoring my presentation

secure in the knowledge that

I am what I am supposed to be

I am safe to say this

to share this

to think this

to be this

to have this

I am safe to inhabit this experience

spaces soaked in the grace in which I’ve emerged   

and always a chance to make things sacred and beautiful

the creator in me delighting in color and light and texture



music, a wellspring

the creator  in me delighting in breath and sound and rhythm



this oscillation

this movement

I can do the things I tried for years to achieve

this time with monumental ease

as the frequency is love

the context is loving

the atmosphere

childlike and free

my words and my word carving a new understanding

integrity from the root

the creation is good

the creation is good

the creation is good

goodness—basic essential, elemental, and expected

teaching my eyes to recognize this all day long

rewiring neurology

an epigenetic address

soul, listen well

I was first born to see

then I was born to know

and now there is space for knowing to lead to conception

conception to lead to development in this spaciousness

development giving way to new life arising


inherent goodness

creating me from what was always there


Niki Morrissette