Discover your capacity for deep expressive freedom.


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  • unleash your voice
  • speak with ease
  • find home in your body
  • have more fun in communication
  • sing and speak from true soul connectedness
  • eliminate habits of tension and self-consciousness
  • compliment speech and language therapy for stroke patients
  • support your child's expressive faculties in a non-clinical setting

Using eastern, western, traditional, and intuitive modalities, I can help you cultivate your authentic voice from the inside out. 

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How I began...

As a life long singer and performer, I have regularly been approached for vocal coaching and lessons. On the occasions in which I agreed to offer my services, I was always struck with wonder at the willingness of voices and bodies to shift in the light of attention rooted in joy and ease. My training as an actress and musician, coupled with my own practices of yoga, meditation, and pranayama, allowed me to facilitate an atmosphere in which improvement was a natural consequence of enjoyment and an experience of peace in the body.

I limited my work to the occasional singer or aspiring child star, until a life changing experience showed me the potential power of such an approach. In 2015, my aunt survived her fourth stroke and, as is common with stroke survivors, she was left with neurologic communication disorders--namely aphasia and apraxia. When I finally spent time with my aunt following her stroke, six weeks had passed since her prescribed (and insurance covered) rehabilitation program had ended. I learned that for most stroke patients, the prohibitive costs of speech, physical, and psychological therapy meant that most rehabilitative efforts were limited to the weeks immediately following a stroke--and that, in fact, many families are led to believe that progress may only occur within the  precious hours following a neurological event due to the death of brain tissue.

This was my aunt's prognosis, and certainly my initial interactions with her seemed to be pointing to a frustratingly non-expressive future for her, but two aspects of  both my yoga and performance background allowed me to see the circumstance with eyes of possibility. First, I noticed that though she was only ultimately forming two or three sentences, her attempts at language indicated that she still possessed the motor function and knowledge to form most phonemes--

I wondered what would happen if we could focus on her ability rather than her inability. Secondly, I recognized that most of her attempts at language or even non-verbal communication, were rapidly undercut  by a build up of stress in the body and the mirror of tension mounting in the person with whom she was communicating.

I wondered, if I could teach her how to manage the accumulation of stress in the body, and serve as a mirror of ease and confidence for her, might we maximize her attempts at expression? Might we truly work from the inside out?

Indeed, as focusing on ability and facilitating a peaceful atmosphere is central to improvement in performers, it proved monumental for my aunt’s progress. Within days of beginning our work together, her vocabulary, which was once thought stagnant at nine or so words, began to increase, and at times flowed in measures that approached fluency. Using elements and exercises of traditional vocal pedagogy and my faith in neuroplasticity,  I was able to reintroduce some essentials of motor planning that apraxia had eroded. 

Though the mechanical and practical benefit of our work was most evidentiary, I recognized that the strides my aunt made were truly the result of honoring the soul’s inclination to expression and allowing it to emerge without judgment.  It is with this appreciation that I now approach my coaching work. Since the days of working with my aunt, I have come to realize that more than just singers and stroke survivors can benefit from refining expression from the inside out. I seek to teach expressive freedom to any individuals who discover that their full expression is in some way impeded.

We all have the capacity for  deep expressive freedom.


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''Have a thorough understanding of your work and let it be your own.''

-James Allen-